Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Loving all things metallic lately

And loving the sparkle of gold above all
There's something incredibly romantic about this yellow precious metal, isn't there?
It's so versatile
So luscious and luxurious

Love it.
And love the fact that I can wear it 
use it as an accent in my work
so much fun.
How about you?
Do you like to wear gold?
Or do you like to use it in your home?
You've got to love a bit of metal and shine:)


images the glossier nerd


  1. I love gold too. I remember though when I almost had to hide in shame, when it wasn't cool to love gold...only silver and wonderful now that we can happily love every single metal without fear of judgement!! Yeehah for gold!!

    (although i still love silver too....)

  2. Im a big gold fan at the moment as well, Iv just bought a shiny gold apple pen holder that Im using for salt by the stove :) Gold jewellery is always a winner too!