Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A vision in white

My current project has been inspired by this Swedish apartment seen here. It's going to be an 'all white interiors' and am in the process of selecting colours for the walls, skirting + materials - an easy task for a colour consultant you may think but that's not always the case. 
So what is the process I go through when selecting a colour? (in this particular case the right shade of white)
First of all I take a couple of elements into consideration, those elements being:
1) The style (of the house) - cool shades of white are better suited to contemporary homes while creamier/yellower shades look great in more traditional/older style homes;
2) Light - very important element when painting a room - the position needs to be taken into consideration (north facing rooms are brighter, warmer and therefore can afford a cooler and/or darker shade, while south facing rooms will need a warmer/lighter shade depending on the look one is trying to achieve). It's important to observe how the light changes during the day - this can be achieved by painting a few shades of white on reasonable size boards and have them placed in the room/s for a couple of days.
I'll also have to consider:
3) The mood/feeling the client wants to achieve in the room - it's important to establish/learn what the space will be used for;
4) The furniture and art they'd like to include in the scheme - often a rug or a collection of artwork are a great starting point for a colour consultant.
After the initial consultation with the client (where I collect all the relevant information, including the elements above) I return to my office and start to put a mood/presentation board together. I usually return to my client a few days later, with ideas, colours, pictures and sketches (when applicable).

More white inspired pictures (on my inspiration board atm)

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  1. I'm loving the simplified white look! And how fantastic is that ceiling in the last picture (as well as the bookshelves!??!) I love the whole room!