Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Selecting natural stone for your home

The process can be daunting due to the great variety of styles, cuts and finishes that are available on the market today but it can be simplified by observing a few simple rules.
1) Style - it's very important to know where you are heading with your design/look, collect as many pictures as possible, pick a couple of styles that you really like, make sure you know what 'final look' you are after;
2) Do some research - look for a supplier online, read a few articles, find out more about the stone you are thinking of using;
3) Get familiar with some of the terminology - honed, filled, unfilled, etc.;
4) Visit a supplier to make sure that you know what the product looks like + ask as many questions as possible (now is the time) and make sure that the stone you choose is the right one for the job/area.

A favourite of mine is Carrara marble, I like to use it in kitchens and bathrooms, for it has a timeless appeal and once treated it is very easy to maintain; it can suit different styles too which is fantastic and marries well with numerous paint colours and styles of cabinetry; it also looks great used as a detail (see here)

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Another favourite of mine is travertine, I love the variation of colour and texture plus it looks great both inside and out, the larger tiles look particularly striking outdoors (see link to project below)


more pictures here.


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