Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Loving / pop of colour

blue & purple

blue armchairs

bright feature wall 

red lounge


I'm loving pops of colour at the moment and for my own designs/projects I am opting for bright feature walls, especially in kids' playrooms - so much fun -  and bright/colourful artwork (like the dots above) or furniture (red lounge and blue armchairs above)  in family and lounge rooms. They look great on both dark and neutral backgrounds and they add an element of fun and surprise to a room. In bedrooms I like to use slightly more sophisticated and subtle colours and accessorise with blue & purple (top image) so lovely.


images solid frog, tumblr

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  1. I have been a lot braver with colour lately as well and have lots of greens, blues and oranges in the living room at the moment :) Hope you have a fab weekend x