Tuesday, August 21, 2012

work spaces

What makes a great work space? Size? Storage? Position?Height? Lighting? When designing a work space it's important to keep all of these elements in mind in order to achieve the best result possible.
Where do you start? 
1- Evaluate the space / Consider all the elements above
2- Choose a style / Create a mood board for inspiration 
3- Choose a focal point / It's a starting point/piece from which a colour scheme is then selected
4- Choose your colour scheme;
5- Select the furniture / Keep style, size and space in mind
And you are nearly there!
The final touches are what will make the space your own. No need to follow any rules here, just your own, be creative, be original and have fun!

inspirational images via pinterest


  1. Hi Claudia,
    This is just what I need, some decorating tips for the office. Mine looks like a bomb has gone off and I keep putting off fixing it up. The time has come. Thanks for the inspiration. Leahx

  2. Those are some really good points to keep in mind. I find a room that is a study has to have natural light to make me want to go into the room, whereas a dark room that you have to turn the light on even in the day time is not so welcoming.

  3. Thank you for sharing these awesome office must dos. The pictures are great sources of inspiration indeed. Thanks