Monday, February 27, 2012

On the market

Our house is finally on the market. We have done it!
It was our first open house last Saturday and I was so busy all week I didn't have much time to blog or do much else, it's amazing how many little things still needed to be done - we wanted everything to be perfect!
It was madness on the day but we managed to make every room look great...phew!...Five of us are a pretty good team together...!

Here's one of the shots taken by the real estate photographer for the ads a couple of weeks ago

It's our living area - it's a pretty big room.

Must say last Saturday was a great day for our first opening, the weather was gorgeous, we had quite a few groups through and the feedback was great...yeay!!! A relief!

Hope to survive the next few weeks...wish me luck!

Anything major happening in your life at the moment?

Have a fabulous week

See you soon :)

Claudia xo


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful. Those timber beams are sensational! What character. Fingers crossed it sells quickly, and at a fab price for you. x

  2. Hi Claudia, Your home looks great. Are you staying in the area? We too have just listed our house about 3 weeks ago. There is a lot of stress to get everything tidy for an inspection. Good luck with your selling, I know what you are going through. Leahx

  3. Your home has photographed beautifully good luck with the sale. The market is a bit slow here in Perth, hopefully its looking a bit better on your side of Aus.

  4. Great lookingn home- i love the edge that timber beams make. this will sell.
    great week to you!

  5. Oh such a stressful time Claudia! Your house looks beautiful though so I'm sure it will be a very successful :)

    Abbey x

  6. Good Luck Claudia sounds like you have it under control, living area looks wonderful......and with 5 of you less stressful, lots to do when selling.
    Carla x

  7. Good luck - it's a very stressful period but the photo looks very inviting and I love the timber beam - it gives the room a lot of charachter.

  8. O that's really exciting!

    What a wonderful livingroom!

    ♥ Franka

  9. The best of luck to you Claudia! With your wonderful taste I am sure it is ready to go! Will you be staying in the same area?
    xo, Nathalie

  10. Good luck to you. I thought I just left a comment but blogger ate it.
    I know the buyer will be lucky.

  11. The image looks great- fingers crossed for that sale!

  12. It looks beautiful! Your buyers will be very lucky! Whenever we sell our home I know it's a lot of work to get it perfect and keep it that way, but it's also kind of fun...I know that sounds odd, but it's all part of the process. Good luck to you!!

  13. Your living room looks amazing.
    Love the exposed wooden beam.

  14. This is grat news!!! and your living room looks superbe!!

    Good luck my dear

  15. Looks fabulous, Claudia! Hope someone snaps it up very soon. Hope you have a nice wknd! xo

  16. Your living room is so bright, spacious and beautiful. Good luck, Claudia. I hope you get lots of offers!

    Have a great rest of the weekend!


  17. Oh I love love the wooden beam - beautiful :)