Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monday/lighting inspiration + thank you Kim of Feather and nest

lonny magazine

Nuevo Estilo

lonny magazine

Hello everyone, first of all I'd like to thank Kim from "Feather and nest" for kindly presenting "wish you were here" with the "stylish blogger award". What a thrill! And what a start to the week! Thanks Kim, I'm very honoured :))
 This week I will be focusing on completing my latest project and looking forward to sharing it with you all within the next month or so.
Will keep you posted.
Lighting is always a crucial element when designing a space so today I'd like to share some great spaces with stunning lighting choices.
Have a great week! :)) 


  1. The photos above are fantastic. You certainly have an eye for style. Take Care!

  2. I love the contemporary look of all of these rooms. And could I please have the bag in the first photo that's nestled under the bedside table? Have a great week Claudia.