Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kitchen story

I found this stunning image on the atlanta homes magazine and had to share it. 
The materials used are gorgeous and so is the colour scheme. The lighting, wall cladding, storage and all other details have been thought through beautifully and make this kitchen an entertainer's dream! 
I must admit I do have a thing for kitchens and being a food lover (and italian) doesn't help! I spend a lot of time in my own k and love baking, so when it comes to lay out I prefer an open plan space where I can comfortably cook and - at the same time - be with my children + chat and entertain my friends without having to compromise on beauty or practicality. 
How do you like your kitchen? :))


  1. I like my kitchen just the same way you described yours. Isn't is funny how everything happens in the kitchen? All the entertaining with everyone revolves around the kitchen. Great image. Leahxx

  2. I love my house, however, my kitchen is the only room that needs an update. We have new appliances, but need new countertops, cabinents and flooring. I would love to have this kitchen; it is beautiful!!

  3. Gorgeous - as you say, just right for entertaining. I'm hoping to do a reno later in the year, but I don't think we'll have the space for this...

  4. I've just had my house renovated and am madly in love with my new kitchen. We entertained the other day with 10 adults and 6 children very comfortably and it was sheer joy throughout. I'm not Italian but feel I should have been!

  5. Great kitchen - the colors are beautiful! Have a great weekend Claudia!