Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some xmas inspiration...

I cannot believe that December is here and that Xmas is just around the corner! All of a sudden I find myself buried in xmas cards, wrapping paper, xmas decorations and a huge to do list!
The kids are really excited, we are finally going to decorate the house this weekend. I've decided to rearrange furniture, well I have to really as I need to find a spot for our xmas the kids grow older, we seem to  accumulate a lot of"junk"- I'm not sure if that is the right word but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, games, toys and so on. When everything begins to feel a bit too tight then I say it's time to "de-clutter" and I'm incredibly good at it! And also now that they are not so small anymore they are great helpers, Lucas for instance looks after the tree (bought from DJ's a couple of years ago) and he does a great job of it! I still love the idea of a real tree of course and I tend to make arrangements out of branches in pots or vases which last for two or three weeks and make the house smell lovely and festive.
The girls look after the decorations and other bits and pieces, I look after the's such a happy time!
Somehow though that word "happy" doesn't sound right...I am thinking of all those children that sadly are not going to have a special time this xmas. I think that the best thing I can do as a parent is to make my children aware of what goes on around us and to teach them to give back to the community especially at a special time like this.

On a completely different note I would like to add a "Happy first day of summer" to everyone in's finally here and hopefully it will be an enjoyable and happy one for everyone :)

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Wish you all a wonderful day

Claudia xo


  1. Beautiful images, Claudia. I agree, our children are so lucky and do need to be reminded of the real meaning of Christmas. x

  2. I love the Christmas inspiration! I feel overwhelmed with all the things on my To Do List too! But 'tis the season!

  3. I know it's nearly here! I'm pretty excited this year to put the tree up and decorate as I couldn't last year as we were renoving the living room. I think that means I'm allowed to go way over the top this year and put up tinsel EVERYWHERE lol :)

  4. I so agree with ensuring that our children realise how lucky they are. We have a tradition of baking cupcakes and our children deliver them on Christmas day. Last year we went to our local police station and fire station who have to work on Christmas day. This year we will be going to an orphanage. Lovely Christmas decorations. So beautiful and simple. x Sharon

  5. (first day of Summer??! I'm so jealous...)

  6. What gorgeous inspirational pictures here Claudia ~ I just re-pinned them all!!! Yes, I too am trying to focus less on the material aspects of christmas with my kids, and more on the gratitude ...I do miss when they were little and got so much joy from a little toy...and Santa!!!
    Godd luck with your decor and to-do list! I am right behind you!
    xo, Nathalie
    p.s. I had never seen those Picasso shots either, and am so "wowed" by them...

  7. Lovely CHristmas thoughts Claudia. I too would love a real tree, but we have to wait too long to put it up, so up went our artificial tree. It still is beautiful. Have fun christmas decorating. Leahx
    P.S for paper pom poms, you just need 8 squares of tissue paper, which you then fold concertina like to make a fan, then staple in the middle and fan them out. Too easy. Hope this helps. Leahxx

  8. Lovely images of christmas inspiration...We don't have the snow and white christmas like our northern neighbours we are lucky we have green outdoors and sunshine for xmas! You're right about teaching your kids that there others less fortunate too. Have a good day.

  9. Summer I am missing it already!! Will not be home for Christmas this year.
    My favourite tree is the first I just love how it has a lean and the green glass pot/vase is fab
    Carla x