Friday, June 10, 2016

Cosy up, winter is here!

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Beautiful room via TDF
Winter has finally arrived in all its glory here in Sydney and the time has come for us sydneysiders to bring out our winter warmers and enjoy the cosyness of our homes but how does the transition happen? Where do we start and how do we select the right pieces?

It all starts with colour...
The colour scheme is number one, colour evokes emotions in us and dictates the mood of a room, we can make a room feel instantly warmer and more inviting just by changing a few key pieces like cushions and accessories. In the colder months we can substitute cool colours and pretty pastels with warm, rich winter hues like reds, browns and dark greys. Once the colour scheme is sorted we can start to select our pieces. Putting a mood board together at this point is a great way to get things started, try and select a few images that you love, add some colour cards to your board and a couple of fabric samples if you like, it'll be a great point of reference and a great way to visualise your ideas.
Don't forget the floor...
The floor makes up a big portion of any space and it generally sets the tone of the whole room so it's important to take it into consideration. In winter we can add that extra bit of warmth under foot just by bringing out those rugs that may have been stored away during the warmer months (it's so lovely to walk on something warm and soft when it's cold!), roll them out and start to cosy up your space.
Note - If you are looking to purchase a new rug, make sure that you visit as many showrooms as possible and that you weigh up all your options. You also want to you see, touch and feel before committing to a piece - it may take a while to find the right one but it'll be worth it, think of it as art, it's an investment and a good quality rug will last for a very long time.
What about accessories...
Finishing touches and accessories can really make your personality shine in winter, you can be as bold or as subtle as you like when selecting cushions and blankets. To cosy up your beds and lounges simply add a couple of warm colourful or neutral blankets, layer them up for extra padding and extra warmth. Introduce texture to the space via a few tactile pieces - how about a velvet ottoman (or a gorgeous velvet lounge as pictured above) some knitted blankets, faux fur or patterned cushions? It'll be lovely.
What about materials...
In terms of materials timber is number one, nothing will warm up or soften a room like ceiling panelling and floor's the perfect choice if you love a relaxed and comfortable but still sophisticated look.
Play with fire...
If you have a fireplace start collecting some firewood and make the fireplace the real hero of your home by positioning your furniture around it and creating an inviting zone for both adults and children. Have some board games and a deck of cards handy for those rainy and cold days ahead, place a couple of ottomans near the lounge for extra seating and have a basket with extra blankets nearby for when your friends pop in. Books and candles will complete the look.

Don't forget the windows...
Windows should be dressed to keep the warmth in, curtains or blinds work well and suit most decors.
I also like to add a touch of metal...
Copper or brass are perfect for winter, it'll add interest and a lovely glow to any room...


Now you are all set to go, have fun changing things around and enjoy winter :)

"Let us love winter as it is the spring of genius" Pietro Aretino

Catch up soon

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