Monday, June 16, 2014

Winter warmth

Winter is here no doubt about it...mornings and nights are chilly, the socks and electric blankets are out, the heater is on...
If your home is still feeling and looking a little bit too cold though it might just need a couple of warm touches here and there, some warm colours, some texture perhaps, and I guarantee you'll be all toasty and happy.

Here are some tips to stay warm at home this winter:

1) Roll out your rugs, or swap sisal for wool (trust me you need that extra warmth underfoot);

2) Collect some fire wood it's time to light that fire...(pictures, magazines and books are a great way to cosy up a space too);

3) Cover those windows! Curtains and blinds are essential in winter, not only they will dress up the room, they will keep it super toasty too;

4) Paint your walls a shade of grey...It's such a great winter neutral! Use it as a starting point for your winter palette, it's smart and it works well with a lot of different hues;

5) Add a colourful rug under your dining table and a runner in the hallway for instant warmth and a welcoming feeling;

6) Invest in some gorgeous sheepskin for your dining chairs...they are soft to the touch and super warm and comfy (now that's what I call an instant warmer);

7) Throw a cosy, chunky knit blanket on your bed, for extra warmth (oh so chic too);

 8) If the budget allows have a couple of your favourite chairs re-upholstered in a warm hue (like orange or cherry or a gorgeous fabric) - or simply add cushions in a warm shade and some tick woollen blankets to your lounges and armchairs for instant warmth and comfort.

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  1. The throw blankets are out and on our couch as well to snuggle up with on these cool and chilly nights!