Wednesday, June 12, 2013


In a dreamy mood today and find it difficult to concentrate
perhaps it's the rain...
or perhaps it's because 
I am
Dreaming of Summer
and lovely warm days
Dreaming of January
and lazy sunny days...

What are you up to today?


images via here


  1. Hah! Claudia - I am huddled in a blanket at my desk, with the heater on full! Sadly, the warmth of January is a long distant memory. One thing about winter - it makes us appreciate the other seasons even more? Maybe? That's the best thing I can say about winter in the southern hemisphere...........And it DOES come to an end sooner or later - every year, in fact. Wishing you a sunny day, Rachel

  2. I'd love a pool with a view like that first photo. It's definitely very dreamy!