Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspire me Monday / sorting, packing, moving...

Happy new week everyone! As some of you may already know our house was on the market and it's now been sold. Yay! Excitement, happiness and relief are definitely all there as well as  fear, panic, agitation...I must say that the level of anxiety is not too bad at the moment but it's bound to increase by the minute (I think) as I start to realise what moving really means and how much there is to be organised, arranged, co-ordinated... "People do it all the time" it's what I keep telling myself over and over (while writing my "to do list"). Of course there's the sorting out which kind of kick starts the whole process (wish me luck with the hundreds of kids' toys accumulated over 16 years not to mention all the baby/kids clothes that I just couldn't give away...!) then of course there's the packing which shouldn't be as painful (or is it?) Any advise, suggestions, encouragement will be greatly appreciated, so please take the time to comment below my lovelies as I'll be really looking forward to reading your thoughts and recommendations :)

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A little look at what my life will look like for a while...sigh! 

Catch up soon :)
Take care,

Claudia xo 


  1. Congratulations on the house sale!! I know moving is such a horrible job, but sort of exciting to know something new is coming up. Good luck with it. Leahx

  2. My golden advice, after moving multiple times from one side of Australia to the other, and from Australia to London and then back again, is : do not get carried away with chucking stuff out.

    Every single time we have moved, we have entered that crazy panic stage, and gone bonkers just giving stuff away. Then years later, we wonder what possessed us. So sort through it all very carefully. Yes, get rid of stuff. But think twice before ditching! Good luck!

  3. Congratulations thats fantastic news, and such a relief off your shoulders Im sure. Now for the next big hurdle moving. I dread moving as well, but it is exciting too decorating a new space and making it yours. My tip is to unpack the kitchen with a mandatory glass of wine. The next tip is try to unpack everything - once you stop and leave a few boxes to sort out 'later' it never happens, months on and they'll haunt you as they collect dust. Just try to work away at it until everything is in its place :)

  4. Hello Claudia:
    We really do wish you well with what can be a very exciting but stressful time.

    When we moved to Hungary we had removers who did absolutely everything. We did not pack a single item - something we should very much recommend!

  5. Claudia - just one room at a time and make those lists. Also clearly mark the boxes - colour co-ordinate them - Red writing for "unpack immediately". Blue for "can wait" and Green for "could be stored"!! Also good to put a brief description of what's in the boxes - but I am sure you know all that. Good luck - thinking of you. F x

  6. Congratulations on your house sale Claudia. Moving is always hard, but keep positive!
    I have moved so many times and it never gets easy. Australia to the US, then many houses while there, back home to Australia ... then to London. We have always had removalists do the packing, but if you are not moving too far away from your original home, I suggest you do a lot of the moving yourself (ie. kitchen stuff, clothes etc) and leave all the heavy furniture/appliances etc to the professionals!
    Once I moved my whole kitchen and 4 bedrooms of clothes and other things myself when I was moving house in the same neighbourhood. It just meant quite a few trips back and forth and that you didnt have to wrap everything individually and unwrap and wash everything again ... and nothing was broken!

    I always find it liberating to give things away to friends/family or Oxfam, when we do a move and I know it will get better use.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  7. Congratulations on the sale! Just remember to label carefully all boxes- maybe even consider a simplified system: all boxes marked A5 go in living room.
    And remember: "...people do it all the time..."

  8. Brava Claudia! I am so happy for you :) Just remember to breathe....I last moved 8 years ago...I remember starting off SO organized, going through things and editing...and by the end, when I was out of time, just throwing things in boxes in a panic, scarcely breathing....SOMEHOW it all comes about! Just remember those few boxes of daily needs (wine opener, can opener, meds, etc...)and keep that off to the side!

    Best to you and your family,

  9. Packing is awful isn't it! Think of it as a time to re-organise you life. A good clean out! Letitia xx

  10. New beginnings Claudia, always exciting!!
    - and I agree with Virginia - be careful what you chuck out - I am missing my moroccan treasures now (and the prices have soared:) Good luck with the move :)

  11. Could luck with it all Claudia- my advice is be ruthless & unemotional & get rid of as much as possible before packing. I like to try & give what's decent to the op shop - otherwise bin it or throw it in the skip. It will be so refreshing to start off in the new house & start the next chapter of your life with a clean slate!


  12. Congrats on selling the house Claudia! Moving is nerveracking but it's a great chance to have a spring clean and get rid of things you don't need! Good luck with all the preparations :)

    Abbey x

  13. Lists... do it,
    it will make your life easier.

    Good Luck on your new place ♥

  14. Moving is such a bitter sweet time, but I can't wait to see what you do with your new place!!!!

  15. ahhh....a move that involves much sorting after 16 years is no easy task. My move from CT to CA sounds a bit like that. Our kids were babies when started living in the house and had outgrown barbies and rescue hero toys, games, books....and the list goes on. My only advice is to not be too quick to get rid of "stuff"...while I am not advocating being a hoarder by any means...but I was a little too quick to unload and now three years later and preparing for a move back to CT...I'm a bit sad at all the things I gave away. Just sayin... best of luck to get back to the packing myself!