Friday, November 25, 2011

Sail away with me...

 ...We will go somewhere quiet, warm and sunny, somewhere we can relax and enjoy the sweet melody of the ocean...

What do you say? Wouldn't it be lovely? (and just in time for the weekend!)

le journal de la maison

This looks like a very cozy and stylish temporary residence to me, do you agree?
I can definitely see myself sunbathing on the deck during the day and sitting pretty at night sipping a cool drink and enjoying dinner while chatting to a couple of friends and admiring the amazing surroundings...perfect!

Wish you all a perfect weekend :)

Claudia xo


  1. I would certainly enjoy myself with a bunch of friends on this fabulous boat.

    Have a fabulous day, Claudia!


  2. Wood and orange - perfect!

    What a lovely *little boat*!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Oh wow wow wow. I was very lucky growing up, best friend to the uber rich girls at school who had yachts, helicopters & mega homes, ahhhh. I spent much of my childhood & teen years on a yacht every weekend on Pitwater, Sydney Harbour, The Basin, it was tough!! I'm still best friends with her, yay, now we're mummies - we've come a long way from preschool. Love Posie

  4. How amazing would that be...dining on it. Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  5. Wouldn't it be fabulous! Wonder where the shots were taken..

    Love that wave shot in your last post!.. Have a great 'wet' weekend.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  6. Dream, dream.. this is getaway perfection! Happy weekend to you too, Claudia x

  7. loving the orange against the wood looks gorgeous

  8. What a perfect weekend that would be! It is absolutely pouring down here and this sounds like a very good and attractive alternative. Have a great weekend! Leahxx

  9. Warm and sunny you say? Sign me up!

  10. Oh my goodness, it looks amazing! I have always been fascinated by house boats and wondered how people could live in them. This however, has been decorated beautifully and it would be absolute heaven to sit out on that deck during summer. I hope you're having a fabulous weekend Claudia xo

  11. Very nice interiors indeed....I like the look of the all wooden cupboards and cabinets.It gives a royal and warm and dignified look and feel...really appeals to me.