Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspire me Monday / Sibella Court

Happy Monday everyone!
Today I' going to share some very well known local talent with you...Sibella Court's style has been celebrated many times and for me the way she breaks and reinvents the decorating rules is always inspiring and refreshing...Her Sydney store The Society Inc. is filled with gorgeous and unique pieces. It's hard to ignore such wonderful individuality!
Here are some of her famous NY apartment pics.
Enjoy :)

source pinterest

As you know it's a busy time of the year for everyone including the children...
Everyone at my house is busy studying or preparing, we have a very full month ahead
Today my eldest daughter is starting her school certificate exams, they go for three days (until Wed)
On Thursday the school is running a workshop in which the girls will be discussing work and presentation of their work in their senior years (11 and 12).
Next Monday her year exams will commence, they will end on Nov 18.
The week after (21-24 Nov) she will be taking part in the Australian business week organised by her school and run by a professional consultant - the girls will be learning how to run their own business - they will be running a virtual cafe'. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?
My son is in his last year at primary school and this week we will be attending the information night at his new school, on the same night he will be meeting with his Head of House. Next week he will be going in for an orientation day which is a full school day (8am to 3pm). Very exciting! He is also preparing for his band presentation night next week and the end of year graduation, dinner dance and presentation day in two and three weeks. He will be also playing at the Carols on Dec 11 which is just going to be so lovely.
My youngest daughter Georgia is preparing for her Xmas play and other end of year concerts...they are so cute at that age, I just can't wait to see what they have prepared!

At work...things are a bit hectic, there's a lot going on! Plus our website will be (hopefully) finished in the next week or so, we just need to go through some text and photos...that might take today and tomorrow, we will see what happens

How about you?
What is going on in your world?

Claudia xo


  1. Hi Claudia
    I love these shots of Sibella Courts apartment.. More than I've seen in the magazines.. fabulous!! I still haven;t visited her shop.. must do that soon..

    Sounds like your family is busy busy.. good luck to the kids.. and especially your daughter for her exams this week.. and can't wait to see your website..

    Did you hear that Cinque Terre had major flooding? Can't believe it.. so sad.. Ok.. ciao for now.. xxx Julie

  2. Wow, you have a lot going on at the moment. It really is a busy time of year. Imagine what we would be doing if we didn't have children.....wouldn't life be boring?

  3. Oh my goodness! These interiors are gorgeous! Sounds like you've got a bustling home...lots going one which is always good! Hope you have a great week! :)

  4. Does that mean that your eldest is in year 10 this year? Is that what the exams in year 10 are called, school certificate exams? (I will never understand why we have so many different systems of education in this country. My children have attended school in 3 states and it is all different!)

    Sounds like a big time - one ending primary and one starting senior years. Our house is heads down in study too - my eldest is in first year uni and my daughter is in year 12 so both are in the midst of exams. And my youngest is finishing primary school this year too. Plus my husband is studying his masters, so busily writing papers. I feel quite unstudious at the moment!

    Looking forard to seeing your new website + good luck with all the end of year activities. Virginia xx

  5. Hi Virginia,
    yes she is in year 10 and doing her school certificate - I agree that it is strange that the system is not the same in all of our states!
    It sounds like a lot of action in your home too...thanks for good luck wishes. Best of luck to you and your lot too.

  6. Hi Natasha,
    yes busy surely keeps us all out of trouble...!
    Hope you have a great week too

  7. Hi something gorgeous,
    yes I could not imagine what life would be like...perhaps just a bit more concentrated on me me me...he he!

  8. Hi dear Julie,
    thanks for good luck wishes...
    Yes terrible news about the floods, hope things get better soon

  9. Hello Claudia:
    The apartments are most individual and showing a very distinctive style which appeals to us greatly. It would seem that you are having somewhat busy times and we do hope that all goes well for your daughter at her new school.

  10. I love the photo second from the top. I cross between liking minimalistic spaces to packed in environments. I think though I like an ecclecticly filled home because they just scream 'history' and 'interest'.

  11. Claudia, her home has so many interesting elements! Love many of the pieces she has!

    Sounds like a busy family! Looking forward to see your website!

    Have a fabulous week ahead!


  12. Wow it's a busy time for you guys. Look forward to the website:) Love Sibella Court. She's got a style that is so lovely. Great to be here xx

  13. Love the photos Claudia. A busy but fun time ahead for all of your, I wish you all happy times. I look forward to seeing your website. Mimi xx

  14. These are stunning shots of Sibella's apartment; I love her eclectic/vintage style, so fab! Sounds like a busy time for you and the family! Best of luck juggling everything xx

  15. What an inspiring apartment!!! And how great your wonderful kiddies are so active!! Have a fab Monday!

  16. those rooms are awesome. and business is going on in my world. can't i just stay at home and read blogs???

  17. Busy busy time for you- I hope everyone does well at home with the exams and the transitions!

  18. What an eclectic style she has, I love it! OMG what a lot you have going on! How do you find the time to be here :) !! Somehow it all gets done, right!?
    Best of luck,